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“A sense of mounting desperation; the feeling of mounting pressure is palpable.”- Screen Daily

"The greatness of ‘The Translator’ lies in its honesty." - E. Nina Rothe 

"“The Translator” never fails to hold our interest as we’re taken into street protests, witnessing what appears to be Sami’s growing sense of responsibility in the face of futility." - Rogers Movie Nation

"More of a thriller than a war film that involves stories of friendships and treason, loyalty and nepotism, and courage in the times of need." - Asian Movie Pulse

" narrative film has even come close to the way ‘The Translator’ tells the story." - E. Nina Rothe 

"Where many other filmmakers who have set films in Syria zoom in on the violence, the directors here concentrate more on the pervasive sense of dread, leaving much to the viewer's imagination." - Eye For Film

".....the film does a sterling job of relating the sense of confusion, fear and hope of the time, helped by the cinematography of Éric Devin" - Cineuropa

"The film reminds us of the need for people to speak up and let the world know what is going on." - Dirty Movies

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