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"Gorgeous cinematography. Incredible narrative, (almost) wordlessly executed." - Keith LaFountaine

"Something that needs time to process after but will most definitely stick with you and will rip your heart out when you put the pieces together" - N T 

"Understated, sad, and poignant story of a Syrian father and daughter facing difficult choices." - Chris Campell

"In Mare Nostrum, silence plays a pivotal role; the high-quality cinematography and the plot are very powerful, making it a captivating silent movie." - arhamonline

"A very well-made film. The father was portrayed very well. He gave a very convincing performance. I thought he was the best actor out of all the actors I saw that day." - Bobby Tuzio

"It feels surreal, the reality is just that." - Elhum Shakerifar

"The best and worst thing about the film is how recognizable it is, how much we are already aware of the story, and of the suffering and of the helplessness." - Gillian Mciver

".A difficult watch moving you from anger to sadness and leaving you at the brink of hope and hopelessness." - angelashaddad

"Disturbing and heart-wrenching short film with a very impactive revelation at the end." - Jake Bourke

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